Joanne Wulfekuhle Shares how to get Free Commercial Solar for your Business

Free Solar for your Business

Now you can go SOLAR and start saving today!

We have a $2 Billion Solar Fund. We use over 150 A-Rated Installers and have them bid on your project to make sure you get the best deal possible.

– Businesses
– Schools
– Factories
– Colleges
– Municipalities
– And non-profits


How do you get your Free Commercial Solar?

Here’s all you need to do to get your Free Solar for your Business, Church, Schools etc. and any non profit entity… email copies of your previous 12 months of your electric bills to our designated email address below along with the words.

Attention: Joanne Wulfekuhle Commercial Solar Agent


or fax them to 800-903-6326, along with the words

“Attention Joanne Wulfekuhle Commercial Solar Agent

Make sure to put your name along with your Business Name, and Contact Phone Number.


Now if you would like to become a Solar Agent with our company, then follow these two Steps:

Join my1dollarbusiness

Join My Savings Highway

Glad to Help





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